Reconnect with Nature – 5 Tips

Reconnect with Nature – 5 Tips!

When I’ve been to Egypt a few years ago I met a guy and talked to him for a little while.
I was watching him for a few minutes before I started to approach to him. He was all alone on a boat bow and was looking on the ocean.
I just wanted to know if everything is fine and he replied with “of course, I just need a timeout and think about life”. He said that he is doing this several times a week for 20 minutes for the last 15 years. I was asking him if it is not getting boring and then he replied with: “every time when I start watching the ocean it feels like the first time and it absolutely calms me down. The human race always had a special connection to nature, we are depending on it. It gives us food, clothes, houses and God puts his signs in it to connect to him and His creation.” We have to reconnect with nature and have to take timeouts from this fast and stressful life.

Photo: Egypt, (2015)

Here are five tips to reconnect with nature (no phones allowed while doing it):
👉 watch waters:
the fundamental basis of life and sooo calming sounds.
👉 walk in the green:
walk through a park or a forest.
👉 start picking:
have you ever picked fruits or vegetables with your own hands? Do it!
👉 focus:
focus on your senses. How does nature feel, sound, look, smell and taste?
👉 observe the little:
bugs, ants and bees! Observe them how they act and work. Amazing!

Autor: Max Musa

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