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5-minutes DIY lip balm

It’s cold outside: That means dry and chapped lips! The solution: 5-minutes DIY lip balm ūüíö

All you need:
– 1 Tbs coconut oil
– 1 Tbsp wax pellets (I used my been wax remains. Vegan alternative: Bayberry or Carnuba wax)
– 1 tbsp carrier oil (for example almond oils)
– 8 drops essential oil (I used lavender)
– containers


Put the Coconut oil and the wax into a glass jar and heat the jar in a pot with water until the wax is melted. Then add the other ingredients. (If you’d like your balm to be tinted stir in your lipstick shavings until your desired color is achieved.
I’m normally using the Moroccan „3qar fasi“ therefore which I will present you extra next time.

Additional tip:
Adding a bit of tea tree oil to this balm not only gives it a tingly flavor, it also gives antibacterial protection. For more recipes visit:

Autor: Asmaa

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