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Coconut Oil – One Of My Most Loved Natural Ingredients

I’m a really huge fan of it – especially because of the fact that they are sooo many ways to use it! It smells good, is full of good fats, helps us to fight microbes, excellent for cooking – aaaand good for our skin and hair.

In the next weeks I will start to present you some recipes how to use coconut oil (it’s winter: So it’s the perfect time to use it 💚) i promise!! 😉

Some ways to use coconut oil:
– Body oil, hand cream
– Lip Balm
– Body Scrub
– Hair Oil
– And sooooo much more

Coconut Oil

With all of that what is being said, run to the next store and grab the biggest can of coconut oil which you can find!
Enjoy the benefits. They are so well worth it!


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