Tariq Ramadan – Understanding Islamic Ethics

Taking part at a 2-day seminar with tariq ramadan about „Understanding Islamic Ethics“. I want to quote him as he said „how is it possible if you read the quran in our time and not to feel the importance of protecting the environment“.
Another quote: „we have two revelations from God the almighty: text and creation.“

Photo: Tariq Ramadan – Darmstadt (Germany)

Especially this aspect shows us the importance of the environmental topics as a Muslim*a.

Another quote to ethical principles in our life is, that „we need to implement an ethical understanding in our daily life and all our deeds need to be based on an ethical fundament“.

It was a great honour and a wonderful experience to be part of this seminar. Now it is time for us to implement those aspects in our daily life as he said „if we leave this seminar with no responsibility we have failure.“

Autor: greenukum

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