Interview with „ADAN (Association de defènse des Animaux et de la Nature)“

This week we’ve visited an animal shelter in Rabat (Morocco). We have met and we have interviewed the chairman Ahmad Tazi of the NGO (non-government organization) „Association de defènse des Animaux et de la Nature ADAN“.
Ahmad Tazi showed us the animal shelter and explained us what he and his crew are exactly doing. We appreciate their work so much and wish them all the best for the future.
By the way, Ahmad and everyone else who works for the organization ADAN are volunteers.

Association de defènse des Animaux et de la Nature ADAN; http://www.facebook.com/assoadan

Follow the organization on Facebook:

For everyone who wants to know whether there is the possibility to support this animal welfare association. And of course, it is!
For all Moroccans living in the near of Rabat: ADAN is still searching for Volunteers!
And believe me – you don’t have to be an animal expert to help out at your local animals shelter. All you need to have is some time and desire!
It even has not to be a lot of time!
So please send us a PM if you’re interested!

You’re not from Rabat and would like to help?
ADAN dependents on donations. Bu you can also search for your local animal shelter or other animal care organizations in your commune to find volunteer opportunities.

Remember the following quote of Muhammad Ali:

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth! So be the one person who make the difference!

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